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Swiped from Meg and Mariko.

Basically gimme two or more characters out of my fandoms who aren't usually paired together (by me/others), and I'll write a paragraph with them together. Characters can be from the same fandom or from different fandoms.

Let's see if I actually do this this time.
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Below, in this cut, there are spoilers for Tensou Sentai Goseiger. I pretty much wrote everything in the chat, so I'm going to copy and paste it.

Proceed with caution~ )
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Title: Of Cranes and Buttons
Author: me and [personal profile] shroomko
Characters: Mizusawa and Kiyama
Summary: With the school year coming to a close and graduation around the corner, Mizusawa spends one of his last few moments in the clubroom. He didn't expect the outcome.

Mizusawa opened the door to the clubroom... )
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Title: Habits
Author: me
Characters: Mizusawa and a hint of Kashiwagi-sensei :D
Summary: Mizusawa does something just... a tad creepy in the clubhouse.

It had become a bit of a habit at some point... )
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Title: Crushes Suck
Author: me
Characters: Everyone, except Hino :P
Summary: Mizusawa was happy the Boys' Rhythmic Gymnastics Team was getting the recognition it deserved. He just wished his crush would stop randomly showing up to save the day. Genfic.

You four-eyed monkey! )
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Title: Bath Time Fun
Author: me
Characters: THE WHOLE GANG. Except Hino.
Summary: Two days or so after Kiyama joins the Rhythmic Gymnastics team, they visit Satoshi's family's bath house. Mizusawa... does not approve.
AN: I promise, one day I will write something other than awkward!Mizu. UNTIL THEN.

Mizusawa liked Tsuchiya, really he did. )
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Title: Relax
Author: me
Characters: Mizusawa, Kiyama, and a hint of Yuta.
Summary: Basically a What If scene from episode 5. And awkward moments involving Mizusawa are fun to write.

In which Mizu stays in the gym and awkwardness ensues. )
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Title: Normal
author: me
Characters: Mizusawa
Notes: So... I know I promised some folks certain things in this. But... it didn't happen D: And my internet died near the end and then Firefox decided to crash and I lost all my mojo for the ending. I AM SORRY. Oh yeah, and spoilers for ep5.

In which Mizu muses... )
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Title: The Sadist in Me
author: me
Characters: Akabane, Kiyama (and a surprise for Lee <3)
Notes: This fic is totally for Lee, and her crazy OT3. And I don't know when this takes place. Use your imagination.

Akabane is a pervert. )
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I know I should be doing multiple things right now. Thankfully, I finally watched and commented on the last episode of Savers for digitalrewind.

Then I found the 1-hour special episode for Xros Wars.

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Finally sat down and watched Goseiger 29. I was holding off watching it since it was about Chewie and I don't like Chewie, but I NEED to let my thoughts out about it.

Epic 29 )
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First off, I'd like to say that Keyhole was failing all throughout both Goseiger AND Double so I had to keep exiting out and opening the program again and again.

Spoilers for the finale. )

Epic 28 )


Aug. 22nd, 2010 03:24 pm
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So. I think I'm starting to ship Chewie and Kinguon. Or whatever his name is. Bigfoot.

Spoilers for Epic 27 )

Double 48 )
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Title: Cupcakes Ch.9
Author: terrierlee
Fandom: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
Characters/Pairing: MackDax
Disclaimer: I don't own PROO.
Word Count: 1,990
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Set post!series. Some time after chapter 7. YES THE CONCLUSION O:
Summary: Andrew's security system sucks. Everyone knows this, except Andrew.
Ch 1 Ch 2 Ch 3 Ch 4 Ch 5 Ch 6 Ch 7 Ch 8

It started one rainy day. )
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Title: Your Number or Mine?
author: me
Characters: Mizusawa, Kiyama, Wataru, Ryosuke, Nippori
Notes: Takes place somewhere around 4 and 5, because I like Mizusawa's reaction to Kiyama :P Totally got inspired while I was getting a coworker a drink. Dude I SO shouldn't be thinking about Tumbling at work XD

In which Mizusawa stares at the floor for the majority of this fic :( )
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Title: Musings at Camp
author: me
Characters: Mostly Tsuchiya and Kiyama.
Notes: Set during episode 5, after Ryousuke notices Mizusawa's odd behavior.

After the third... )
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Title: Green Butterflies
author: me
Characters: Mostly Mizusawa and Kiyama. And Tsuchiya. Everyone else has a part in this too.
Notes: Damn this turned out longer than I thought it would. And spoilers for up to episode 9.

The first time... )
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Title: Family Is A Family Is A Family
Author: terrierlee
Rating: PG
Genre: Family/Friendship
Summary: When Kouichi suddenly shows up on his father's doorstep, he never imagined how much his life would change. Gen.
Word Count: 7,801

Kouichi sat in the cab... )
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Title: Androids Don't Sleep
Author: terrierlee
Rating: PG
Summary: Dax can't sleep and ends up in the kitchen. Mack doesn't need to sleep and gets a rude awakening.
Warnings: Spoilers if you don't know about Mack by now.
Notes: I wrote this... I don't even know how long ago. But I finally finished it. And that's what matters. There aren't any pairings, but I think if you squint REALLY HARD, you might see Mack/Dax.

It was one in the morning... )
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Title: Don't Cry
Rating: G
Summary: The Go-ongers search for Gaiark remnants in Stormy World. Set post!Shinken vs Go-On. Spoilers for that and GP41.
Author's Note: I've tried writing for Go-on in the past and now I realized why I never finished them D: How can I love a sentai series so much yet I can't write for it?

Break the Limit! )