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Title: Cupcakes Ch.8
Author: terrierlee
Fandom: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
Characters/Pairing: MackDax
Disclaimer: I don't own PROO.
Word Count: 516
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Set during the series, shortly after Tyzonn joins the team.
Summary: Dax wasn't sure when it was, but for some reason, he began to notice a certain Ranger in a different light.

Ch 1 Ch 2 Ch 3 Ch 4 Ch 5 Ch 6 Ch 7

Dax wasn't sure when he started getting interested in males. He was so swore that one day he would make it big in the acting business and he would have his own harem of women fawning over him and he would never spend nights alone with just the posters on his walls to keep him company. So when he was just hanging out with the guys after another monster was defeated, they were trying to get Tyzonn used to humans and their weird technology, and Mack proposed video games. Tyzonn looked unsure but Will just have him a pat on the back, saying if anything, he might be able to beat Ronny at the racing game.

So there they were, spread out and about in the rec room, Tyzonn with a controller in hand while Mack pointed at the controls, telling him what button did what and then demonstrating it with his own, and soon Tyzonn made an understanding sound before they decided to test out just how well Tyzonn could fair. Mack grinned, turning and waving in Dax's direction, "Hey Dax, let's see if Ty can beat you!"

It was that one single moment, where Dax sat up, a retort on the edge of his tongue, when he saw Mack's face. His smile was still on his face, being an actor paid off after all, and Dax willed himself to calm down, that thinking another man's face was beautiful wasn't right and he had to respond soon and he re-enforced the grin, "Watch out, Ty! You're gonna learn from the master!" He padded over to the cushion Mack just vacated, trying not to think of how warm it was, or how oh man Mack was just sitting here because there was no way he was like a schoolgirl with a crush and he really really needed to pay attention because the game had started and he was already lagging behind.

"Looks like the master needs some practice."

"Nah, Ronny just beat his high score last night. I bet he's still sore about it."

Dax tried to block out the other two, putting all his focus on the miniature car as it turned the second to last corner. Tyzonn had fallen behind him and he was hoping to keep it that way. He was so engrossed in the game, actually, that he didn't notice how much of a lead he had until he passed the finish line. On his side of the screen, there was a giant 1ST while Tyzonn had a 5th! on his screen.

He let out a whoop, falling backwards from the excitement and suddenly looking up at Mack's surprised but smiling face. "Okay," the Red Ranger laughed, "I was wrong, you don't need practice." His tone and the look in his eyes were fond and Dax suddenly felt his face burn. He pushed himself back up, not looking at the man behind him but instead at the alien beside him.

"So there, think you got the hang of this, Ty?" He got a nod, and he returned it.

And that was that.


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