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Hung out with Sasha and Jeneen, and later Cay. There are videos of us playing Guitar Hero and singing songs and doing uh... the cinnamon challenge? I didn't do it. But you can see my hands in the video. lol

When we posted the cinnamon challenge, Noelle responded with, "Wait, Michelle's over there?" And we all laughed because I said she would reply to the vid with that question. I knew it. But after eating and stuff, I got extremely tired and I wanted to go home but I didn't want to be irresponsible but the girls got a ride home later so I went on home.

I get to my room, and all my books are rearranged, and so are my toys. Dad said he's going to buy me a new lock and only mom, him and me are going to have keys. That way I can lock my room when I'm gone and the kids won't be able to get in my room.

This also means I can't spend any more money until the Woman's Retreat. But that's okay.

I might not be able to watch Rescue Force today. It depends if the kids are using the Mac or not. Maybe if I just go and use it now...?


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