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Below, in this cut, there are spoilers for Tensou Sentai Goseiger. I pretty much wrote everything in the chat, so I'm going to copy and paste it.

Ter: Spidey. I have come to the conclusion that the Yuuma Beasts knew who VB really was.
Spidey: Oh?
Ter: So. 10,000 years ago, the Yuuma Beasts were sealed by a Gosei Angel. Fast forward, they are released and they meet this guy they don't know who is a Yuuma Beast
Ter: And, if you remember, after the Goseigers got their power up, VB was locked up in that cage.
Ter: I think that's when Makuin really figured it out.
Ter: So he came up with this master plan with Kingfoot
Spidey: It certainly gives with everything seen in the show.
Ter: Because, at some point, they had to let VB out, but once he was out, he was gonna try and start crap again.
Ter: Makuin foresaw this and planned it accordingly. He even got Kingfoot to go along with it.
Spidey: Which makes Makuin smarter and more perceptive than Robogog. >_>
Ter: Yes.
Ter: And look at this, all throughout the clipshow episode, the Goseigers kept going back to Yuuma Beasts.
Spidey: They did, didn't they?
Ter: It was almost like they were saying, "Watch the Yuuma Beast arc again!"
Spidey: XD
* Spidey is of the opinion that Sousuke is smarter and more perceptive than Robogog, too
Ter: Anyone is smarter and more perceptive than Robogog.
Spidey: XD
Ter: He, in the end, is just a Head :P
Spidey: And then Bladerun blew him up.
Ter: Eh, we all saw that coming.
Spidey: And there was much rejoicing. Yay.
Ter: XD
Spidey: (Sorry, couldn't resist)
Ter: There will be even MORE rejoicing when VB finally dies in that epic finale.
Spidey: Yes. XD
Spidey: And there will be more rejoicing when Alata finally gets the moe cat truck to cruise down the road to justice again.
* Spidey is still irked at his lack of success in finding Goseiger's CSC
Ter: It should be out?
Spidey: It should be, but I cannot find an upload of it.
Ter: >:(\
Ter: >:(/
Ter: Spidey.
Ter: http://img534.imageshack.us/img534/481/fkbladerunsig1.jpg
Spidey: I've seen that sig image on HJU; I still do not know what to make of it.
Ter: Yeah, that's where I found it
Ter: :|
Ter: They took Bladerun quite seriously?
Ter: Bluedaron
Spidey: Kamen Rider VB!
Ter: XD
Ter: Aw man I should have said it a third time :( Kingfoot
Spidey: XD
Ter: You know, a lot of people stopped watching shortly after the Yuuma Beast arc started
Ter: Which... isn't fair.
Ter: I missed Mons Drake-sama as much as the next fan, but these guys were freaking... genius.
Spidey: Yeah; the Yuumajuu arc is when the series started picking up steam.
Spidey: And it gave us GoseiKnight.
Ter: And it's when we got the Moe Cat Truck.
Ter: :P
Ter: Get out of my head, Spidey.
Spidey: Sorry. ^_^()
Ter: :/ I want to mention the Yuuma Beasts awesomeness on Rangercrew. But I get the feeling no one wants to talk about them anymore.
Ter: Especially since everyone is pro-VB
Ter: Pro-VB!
Ter: PRO-VB!!!
Spidey: XD
Ter: Dude. How did Makuin even know VB could seal someone with the Erurei Box?
Ter: O:
Spidey: True.
Ter: That rewatch needs to happen, man. So we can see this and be more perceptive. Like Makuin :D


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