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Title: Cupcakes Ch.9
Author: terrierlee
Fandom: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
Characters/Pairing: MackDax
Disclaimer: I don't own PROO.
Word Count: 1,990
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Set post!series. Some time after chapter 7. YES THE CONCLUSION O:
Summary: Andrew's security system sucks. Everyone knows this, except Andrew.
Ch 1 Ch 2 Ch 3 Ch 4 Ch 5 Ch 6 Ch 7 Ch 8

It started one rainy day. Andrew was swamped with work away from home while Mack was out on the town with his fellow ex-Rangers. Ever since The Article, Mack had made sure he was never home while his father was present, Spencer always ready with an excuse as to his absence.

The old butler had just finished cleaning up the kitchen area, already on his way to the next spot in the giant mansion when a crash was heard upstairs. Spencer frowned; no one else should be in the mansion. Mace tucked in his hand; he climbed the stairs, peeking his head into every room he passed.

Thunder clapped from above, followed by a flash of lightning. Darkness swallowed the hall, leaving Spencer blind to his surroundings. Leaving a hand on the wall, he found another doorway, a single ray of light catching his attention. The light focused on him, the light bright in his eyes. Spencer lifted a hand to shield his eyes as a shout came from beside him.

"Spencer! I didn't know you were here!"

A second steam of light settled on the far wall, another clap of thunder rang through the air followed by a flash of lightning. From there, Spencer saw the faces of the intruders.

"Master Will?"

The former black ranger gave a nervous chuckle, "Sorry about this, Spencer. I was teaching one of my new recruits. Thought the best place would be Mr. Hartford's place." He looped an arm around the younger man in black, "He still needs some work."

Spencer nodded, "I see..." He lowered his arm, "Well, I think it's safe to retire to the rec room." He led the way, using the lights from the flashlights. Once the storm cleared, Will thanked the butler for not snitching on them and the two left. Spencer waved, seeing them off, his mind contemplative.

If Will's inept student could easily break into the mansion, something was very wrong.


As soon as Andrew returned, Spencer took him aside, explaining that while it was all well and good when there were Power Rangers in the house, now that they were retired, it might be a good investment in a reliable security system.

Andrew scoffed at the idea, "That's just silly, Spencer. This house is fine."

The butler grimaced, "Sir, might I remind you of the time Moltor just happened to walk into your office and steal the Corona Aurora's crown. And later when Flurious did the exact same thing, taking all the jewels with him."

"Well," The billionaire blinked a couple of times, "that was..."

"And may I remind you of how easy it was for Mack to waltz into the command center, or how Will managed to open your safe to retrieve the Red Tracker. Sir, we need a decent security system."

Andrew bit his lip, "I guess you're right, Spencer. You're always right. Okay. First thing tomorrow I'll go and deal with it."

Spencer smiled, "Thank you, sir."

The topic aside, Andrew clapped his hands together, "So, is Mack home? I'd like to talk to him."

The older man frowned, "No, sir. Mack is still out with Rose and Ronny. He told me not to wait up in case he came home late."

"Oh, well..." Andrew's shoulders visibly slumped, "Tell him I'd like to speak with him, if you see him."

Spencer nodded, "Of course, sir."

The butler watched as his employer vanished around the corner, a frown still on his face. The father and son hadn't seen each other in over a month, Mack obviously avoiding the other man.

The next day, just as Andrew promised, a security system was set up. Spencer gave the man doing the job his stamp of approval, and everything was well and done.


It was well past midnight when Andrew stalked the halls. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't fall asleep. He leaned against a wall, heaving a sigh.

There was an echo, and the billionaire froze, slowly looking around. No one was near, at least, from what he could see.

"Is something wrong, Mack?"

Andrew stood up straight, his eyes finding a vent below. Mack was home?

There was a sound of balls clinking against each other, "...Dax and I got into a fight."

There was a pause, the silence grating on Andrew's ears.


"Everything was fine," Mack's voice rose slightly, "We were hanging out with Rose and she asked if dad saw the article and then Dax started asking if he knew and..." He cut himself off abruptly. "I didn't answer."


Andrew frowned, but continued to listen.

"...Stupid paparazzi."

There was an intake of breath, "Well, Mack... If I might be so bold, you did keep it a secret from your father."

Mack's voice cracked, "We were waiting for the right moment! It just... never happened."

Another pause took over before Spencer broke the silence.

"He asked me about you two."

Andrew suddenly realized he was holding his breath.

"...What did you say?"

"I kept silent. For your sake. If Mr. Hartford wants to know who you're dating, he should ask you personally. Mack, your father can't be left in the dark forever."

Mack let out a sigh, "Dax said the same thing."

"I'm sure everything will work out fine in the end, Mack. Your father might surprise you."

"Heh, maybe."

Andrew leaned his back against the wall, his mind thoughtful. A yawn surfaced, water welling up in his eyes. Tomorrow. He would talk to Mack tomorrow. With some effort, Andrew pushed himself off the wall, finding his way towards his bedroom.


There was a blaring ringing throughout the Hartford Mansion. Andrew woke up with a start, eyes focusing on his alarm clock. He was barely asleep for five minutes. Who...? Just as soon as the noise started, it stopped, leaving Andrew puzzled. He slipped out of his bed, a robe covering him as he padded down the hall. Spencer was at the front door, his right hand hovering over the alarm box.


The butler's head whipped in his direction, "Oh. It was nothing sure. I forgot I had set the alarm when I opened up a door by mistake.

Andrew frowned. Spencer never forgot anything. "Is Mack home?"

"He retired to his room hours ago--Sir, where are you going?"

The billionaire didn't answer the question, instead making his way to his son's room. He reached his destination, hands poised ready to knock.

"--They just installed it today, I just found out about it." Mack's voice held a panicked tone.

"This is just great." Dax's voice could be heard, "I came all this way to apologize and now I'm going to be branded a burglar. ...I only came in through your window because you wouldn't answer your phone."

"It's nearly one in the morning!"

"I couldn't sleep!" Both voices started to rise, "I was too upset from our fight!" Dax's voice was the first to subdue, "I didn't want the day to end on it. Mack, I'm sorry."

The bed squeaked, "No, don't be. You were right. I'm going to tell dad tomorrow. ...If he isn't up right now. That alarm is loud."

"Sir!" Spencer finally caught up, Andrew held up a finger to his lips, finally knocking on the door.

"Mack? Are you awake?"

A crash sounded from inside Mack's bedroom, the inhabitant finally opening the door after another was firmly shut. The former android appeared to yawn, "Hi Dad, what's up?"

The billionaire again didn't respond, only letting himself into the bedroom. "Where is he? I know he's here. Dax! Come on out!"

The door to the closet hesitantly opened, Dax's head peering out. "Um..."

Andrew crossed his arms, taking in Mack's nervous fidgeting and Dax's wince from inside the closet.

"So when exactly did you two start dating?"


Spencer placed a fresh batch of his special cupcakes on the dining room table, taking a seat off to the side. Mack and Dax sat on the couch while Andrew stood opposite to them, his arms folded over his chest.

The two in question shared a look, "Um..." Mack shrugged, "Around Halloween?"

"It was after Ronny's birthday party." Dax stepped in, "Around... the time we were Rangers."

Andrew's left eye visibly twitched.

"But!" Dax's left hand was raised, as if to stop his boyfriend's father from saying anything, "After that the whole secret thing with Mack happened and we kinda... went on a break. And then officially got together around Christmas." He grinned sheepishly, "Or... New Year's. Around that time."

Mack jumped in, "We met to tell you before... all this crazy stuff happened. But we were either busy or the timing..."

Andrew kept his stance, taking in a deep breath.

"Are you two having sex?"

Mack's face went red, while the man next to him could only gape, "DAD!"

His voice was calm, "I'm only asking a question. Are you two having sex?"

If anything, Mack's face only grew redder while Dax tried to find his voice.

A cough from the side caught Andrew's attention; Spencer gave his employer a look, as if to ask for sympathy for the two on the couch.

The billionaire turned his attention back to the couch, his eyes hard, "Well?"

"No!" Mack let out a yell, "Dad, we've only been going out for over a year now! I'm still... getting overly used to being human!"

Dax gulped, "We're taking it slow! For Mack's sake! I was the one who told Mack we should wait! Believe me!"

"It's true, sir." Spencer interjected.

Andrew uncrossed his arms, holding up a hand in Spencer's direction, further silencing anything the butler had to say. "And those necklaces you two are wearing."

Mack unconsciously reached up to touch the piece of jewelry around his neck, "Anniversary gift. Rose helped us pick them out. We didn't know we each bought the same thing."

"Do the others know?"

Both nodded, "We're pretty sure."

Dax tilted his head, "I don't think Ty knows. He's still unsure about Earth customs."

Andrew let his arms fall to his sides. "When did you notice you liked boys?" The question was directed at Mack.

The former android rubbed the back of his head, "Um... when we first met Miratrix."

Dax and Miratrix dated briefly before they found out she was after the jewels.

Andrew frowned. A thought racing across his mind. "When you visit, Dax, where do you sleep?"

The ex-Blue Ranger hesitated, "Uh... in my room. Sometimes?"

The billionaire raised an eyebrow, "Sometimes?"

Mack ducked his head, "We... At first we slept in Dax's bed. Then as my insomnia got better... We moved to my bed."

Andrew's frown deepened, "Insomnia? When did you get insomnia?"

Spencer opened to mouth to speak, only to be silence once more.

Mack kept his head down "After everyone left."

The frown remained, "You said you weren't having sex." Mack's face, which was just settling back into its normal color, flushed red again. "But you're sleeping in each others' beds."

The two nodded.

Andrew sighed, "Well, as long as it's all innocent..." He let the frown ease off his face, "I can see you two have been doing fine on your own. And Mack's a big boy. He doesn't need his dad watching his every move."

Mack's head lifted, his eyes hopeful as his dad took a seat next to him.

"I want you to be happy, Mack. And if being with Dax..." He paused only briefly before resuming, "then okay."

Andrew let out a laugh as his son threw his arms around him in a big hug, gladly returning the gesture. He eased away, turning then to Dax.


The former Blue Ranger held the same hopeful gaze on his face.

"Hurt Mack and I will hurt you."

All the color drained from the Asian's face.

Spencer sighed, resting his head in his hand, "At least we know the new security system works."
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