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Title: Don't Cry
Rating: G
Summary: The Go-ongers search for Gaiark remnants in Stormy World. Set post!Shinken vs Go-On. Spoilers for that and GP41.
Author's Note: I've tried writing for Go-on in the past and now I realized why I never finished them D: How can I love a sentai series so much yet I can't write for it?

With Bacchiido gone, the Go-ongers set off to other Brane Worlds, intending to find and destroy any Gaiark they found along the way.

After checking out Grass World, Renn marked off another Gaiark-free world and they were ready to head out to the next one.

"Next world is...just..." Renn paused, staring at the list Jumbowhale made them.

"On on, what's wrong Renn?"

"Ne, Renn. Which world is next? We have to go at Mach speed!"

The mother of the team shook his head, "Hm. Next on the list is Stormy World su."

The rest of the team went silent, with only the sounds of the Engines' engines roaring. Toripter dipped his head, picking up speed in the process.

"This is great, aniki! We can see my little brother! Bata bata!"

Hiroto remained quiet in his seat, only keeping a slight grip on his Wing Trigger, letting his partner have control on the steering.

Stormy World was approaching fast and the Go-Ongers and Engines braced themselves as they reached the portal. They were met with high force winds knocking them out of formation. Carrigator went pummeling into the lake below, followed by Birca and Jumbowhale. The rest of the Engines went flying into different directions, the humans inside them screaming out.

"I was worried about this, boee~"

"What do you mean, Instructor?" Miu winced as Jetras barely managed to miss being hit by a stray twister.

"We need to find some place safe to hide until this storm dies down!" Gunpei yelled over the roar of the wind.

"Easier said than done!" Hant struggled but successfully managed to get Carrigator, Jumbowhale, Birca and himself out of the swirling water.

"Smile, smile, you guys!"

"You guys! What's that!"

In the midst of the storm, pink and yellow forms appeared near the shore, their eyes round, some were bigger than the others, more like tadpoles than anything else.

Hiroto went cold, recognizing the life forms. His eyes focused on one in particular, "Toripter, try and land."

"But anik--"

The older Sutou sibling took control of his Wing Trigger, forcing the helicopter to land.

It must have been pure coincidence, but at that moment the storm decided to vanish. Hiroto hopped out of his Engine, not staring at anyone except that one wameikuru.

The being tilted its head, blinking as it stared back.

"Hiro... Hiroto?"

Hiroto grinned. He found Chibi.
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