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Title: In Which Keita Has Dug His Own Grave
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Keita stops somewhere on the way home from school.

Keita was late coming home, stopping by a shop. He ignored the cellphone on his hip, focusing on the rack full of magazines. He purchased a few, quickly paying for them before leaving the store.

He tried to ignore the flush on his face, retreating to his room after arriving home. He didn't hear his mom ask how his day was, or his sister asking about his red face. He shut his door, turning the lock as he stuffed the magazines under his mattress.

Only then did he take Seven out, hooking his Phone Braver to charge for the night.


"Ah?" Keita looked up from his position to the bed.

"You were late coming home today."

"Ah, so I was."

It was later that night, after he was sure Seven was asleep, that Keita reached under his mattress and produced the magazines. He flipped one to the newest releases section.

After that, Keita made it a priority to visit the electronic store at least once a month.

I was also thinking of trying to write that "Long Talk" bit with Kirihara and Magira, but I don't think I could pull it off.


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