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Title: Names
Rating: G
Summary: The Shinkengers always wondered where the name "Take-chan" came from.

It started off as a simple question.

The Shinkengers were hanging out at Gold Sushi after a hard day of training. Genta was in a deep conversation with Chiaki and Kotoha, while Ryunosuke and Mako threw in some comments. Takeru sat in his seat, watching everyone as he ate his sushi.

There was a pause in the conversation, when Mako spoke up, "You know, I've been wondering this for a while..." She looked at Genta, "How did you come up with Takeru's nickname?"

Takeru, who was reaching for his cup, froze. Genta blinked, before grinning, "Oh. Well, it's not something Take-chan likes to bring up..." He tossed a look over to their lord, tapping a finger to his chin. "Hm... Should I tell everyone...?"


"Oh hey I want to hear this story!" Chiaki leaned across Mako, "Gen-chan never really explained the nickname, only your childhood!"

Kotoha looked down, "Um, I was kind of wondering too... Sorry Tono-sama."

Ryunosuke fidgeted in his seat, but anyone could tell he was also curious about the nickname.

Genta gave Takeru a shove on his shoulder, "Oh come on, Take-chan, they'll find out eventually!"

ShinkenRed narrowed his eyes, "No."

Genta just smiled, patting his friend on the shoulder, "Fine fine, Take-chan. You win." He turned to the others, "Ah, Chiaki, here's some more sushi!"

The topic was dropped after that, but it was still on their minds, even when the Gedoshu attacked and was defeated. They just waited until Takeru wasn't around before asking Genta again.
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