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Title: Kuuki
Rating: PG
Summary: Midou and Amishima become good friends after the series, but that doesn't mean she knows everything about him. Post series, implied Keita/Seven.

Midou wasn't sure when Amishima started to change, but for whatever reason, it was for the better. He was no longer the Kuuki-kun the others made fun of, and he turned into a great friend when she needed one, even if he still said he wouldn't read her cellphone novels.

It was two weeks after the whole GENE fiasco, when the two were walking home from school. Amishima still kept the glass tear on him, occasionally tossing it into the air before chuckling and putting it back, and after that one time, Midou never really understood what it was but assumed it meant something, so she never asked about it again.

They passed by an electronic shop, Midou's mind caught up in a new idea for her novel, when she noticed the lack of Amishima. She turned around, finding the boy rooted to the spot, looking at the collection of cellphones on display. She walked back, her lips pursed, ready to ask what was holding him up, when she stopped. There was a certain look in his eyes as they scanned the display. Midou tilted her head, turning it to the window. All she saw was cellphones, and out of the corner of her eye, she saw Amishima reach in his pocket.

The pocket that held the tear.

She looked back at Amishima, placing her hand gently on his arm, "Amishima?"

He blinked, startled out of his daydream, hand not leaving his pocket. "Ah, sorry Midou. I was..." His eyes darted down, in the direction of his pocket, and she only patted his arm.

"No need to explain, I understand." Midou kept a grip on Amishima, leading him away from the shop.

He would never know she was lying. She didn't understand at all, not really, but something told her whatever it was, it was connected to that big silver cellphone that Amishima used to have.


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